National Coordinators

The Global Access to Justice Project is bringing together a large team of specialists comprising different nationalities, disciplines, professions and cultures, including leading legal (and socio-legal) researchers, legal practitioners working in the private and public sectors, legal aid managers and other high-ranking public servants and policymakers together representing around one hundred nations from all continents.

The analysis of the scope, operation and impact of different national legal systems throughout the globe is being conducted by National Coordinators, selected primarily on the basis of their particular knowledge and expertise and/or professional experience within the broad field of access to justice.

In many ways, these local researchers form the backbone of the project, as they are responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date technical data that supports the project’s surveys.

The main purpose of the Global Access to Justice Project is to create and share knowledge in an organized and structured manner. The project is a genuinely collaborative venture, democratic in outlook and designed to ensure the effective participation of all those involved, in order that the final result of the survey truly represents different perceptions and experience of contemporary justice systems.