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Research in progress


A New Global Survey

Through collaboration between leading experts representing diverse cultures, disciplines and nations, the Global Access to Justice Project is gathering the very latest information on the impact of the world’s major justice systems, analyzing legal, economic, social, cultural and psychological barriers that prevent or inhibit many, and not only the poor, from entering and using the legal system. And because of its unique multi-dimensional epistemological approach, and broad geographical reach, the project has the ambition to become the most comprehensive survey ever conducted on access to justice to date.

Click through to explore the National Reports, describing each country’s justice and legal aid systems.

Click through to explore the Regional Reports on Africa, Asia, the Middle East, American Continent, Europe and Oceania.

Click through to explore the Global Thematic Reports, analyzing the new and emerging trends of the access to justice movement.

Research in progress

Impacts of COVID-19 on Justice Systems

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken all nations on the planet by surprise and continues to drive the quest for efficient and effective remedies, both scientific and social, that will contain the spread of this highly contagious virus. In addition to initiating a humanitarian crisis, the outbreak is triggering multiple impacts (social, political, economic, environmental etc.) on the global stage, whose consequences were not only unforeseen but remain unpredictable.

What is already clear is that COVID-19 has closed down or greatly hampered courts, law firms, law clinics and other providers of legal aid and with it access to justice for many of our societies’ most vulnerable and deprived citizens. In order to assess how severe the impact of COVID-19 has been globally on access to justice, the Global Access to Justice Project, in cooperation with the International Legal Aid Group (ILAG), initiated an empirical survey to collect both quantitative and qualitative data from across the world. Although the global context is still highly dynamic, unpredictable and unstable, the preliminary results of the survey provide an up-to-date overview of the global stage of access to justice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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